Get Your Polar Bear

Any polar bear toy or decoration can be used as the Polar Bear that the kids find each morning in Polar Bear Over There. (Find out how to play here.)

You don’t have to buy anything to play Polar Bear Over There. You can use any Polar Bear you can find — like a stuffed animal, a figurine, or an ornament (no real live polar bears, please!) — or you can make a Polar Bear by printing out a photograph or drawing your own. You can even print out and use any of these three Polar Bears!

If you would like these Polar Bears + pre-formatted Polar Bear Notes in a printable PDF, you can find this for sale in my Etsy shop! A portion of the profits will go to a nonprofit working to combat climate change.



Just right click on the image, select “Print,” and cut on the dotted lines. Have fun!